R D Polychem Pvt Ltd was founded in 2000 in India, to supply polymers to the ever growing Plastic market. In these years, we have grown to become one of the biggest PAN-Asian polymer suppliers. We have established a commercial network with local presence to serve our customers and work with our suppliers in the best possible way.

Our comprehensive product portfolio includes raw material polymers, engineering plastics, etc. We can deliver any quantity from a bag to a full truck load as per requirements.


Customer Service

We are known for our dedication towards provision of the best services in the industry. We serve our customers with genuine quality products. We have a team of experienced sales representatives, sales engineers and inside sales people who are ready to help with any query on material choice, availability, product portfolio, documents, order information etc.


We have proper infrastructure for marketing and sales professional and have large warehousing facilities to stock material. We endeavour to maximize business through optimization of value chain and meeting the expectations of our clients. We keep a track of international and domestic price movements and analyse trends of entire product chain from crude to downstream products.

About us